Plumbing Tips

Steaming/overflowing boiler unit

If you have a boiler unit for making coffee in your staff kitchen various problems can cause it to steam, bubble, overflow excessive hot water and make strange noises. To make sure it is safe until the plumber can arrive, turn off the unit at the wall and remove the plug. The unit is now unable to draw in any more water or continue heating.

Tap unable to turn off

You will need to turn off your water supply until the plumber arrives. Walk out to the front boundary of your property. This is not where the foot path or road is situated but will be marked by your fence, line of trees, or letter box. Approximately one meter on your side of the property you will find a plastic or timber box where your water shut off is located. Turn the tap off clockwise.

High power bill

The highest usage of electricity in a house is the hot water cylinder. All hot water cylinders have an exhaust pipe to release pressure in the cylinder. If this is leaking then water is being heated and discharged onto your roof wasting hot water and costing money to reheat more water for the cylinder. These pipes are normally above the roof and will leave a water mark when leaking, or on an outside wall in new homes, or in a cupboard and discharging into a waste pipe in apartments.

High water bill

To find out if you have a leak on your property first locate the water meter as described in turning off a leaking tap. Making sure nobody is home and using water in the house check the dial on the water meter. If it is turning you have a leak somewhere in the property and will need to call Star Trade Services to locate it.

Smell of gas

You will need to locate your gas meter. This is situated under a large 300mm x 400mm white plastic box that is secured to your house. Lift up the box to remove from its brackets and locate the yellow lever on the left hand side of the meter. Turn lever until it is horizontal to the pipe it is connected to.

Roof leak

Mark clearly where the water is entering the house from. Be as exact as you can, marking point with a pencil. What looks obvious when it is leaking is often not as obvious when the rain stops and the leak dries out. If the ceiling is bubbling from water sitting in the ceiling make a hole with a knife, pen or whatever else you can find to relieve the pressure and prevent the bubble expanding and damaging more of the ceiling.

Star Trade Design and installation of a wilter filtration system.

Star Trade Design and fabrication of pump room.

Star Trade Installing waterproof covering over cabling.

Star Trade Water reserviour construction.

Star Trade Water main for zoo moats and lakes.

Star Trade Creating an anti siphon system for a containment moat.

Star Trade Toilet and basin installation.

Star Trade Maintenance at the tigers waterfall and pool.

Star Trade Installation of sculptured drinking fountains at Westmere school.

Star Trade Installation of backflow valve system.

Star Trade Construction of the new otter enclosure at the zoo.

Star Trade Replacement incoming water pipe for YMCA pool.

Star Trade Fire connection from rain water tank at MOTAT.

Star Trade Star Trade Services.


Neil has been the preferred plumbing contractor for Lagoon Leisure & Fitness over the last three years. We have found Neil to be very reliable and to provide prompt service. In an operation which incorporates six swimming pools and extensive change room and bath room facilities, it is imperative that we can trust our contractor and know that our plumbing situations will be dealt with in an honest and knowledgeable manner.

Christine Cormack
Centre Manager, Lagoon Leisure & Fitness

Over the past two and a half years we have received the service of Star Trade Services in a variance of forms from plumbing to emergency response for storm damaged buildings and structures. In my experience I have found Star to be the best complete trade services company I have used in my 10 year tenor.

Craig Godfrey
Museum Environment Manager, MOTAT

It is wonderful to have found a plumber that gives us his time and attention for such a reasonable price. His help with our new kitchen just took the worry away.

Steven Moore

We have been using Star Trade Services for a variety of renovation work for a couple of years now and have found the service to be fantastic. Having access to a company with such a wealth of knowledge has helped us on our more difficult jobs. I have no hesitation in recommending their service.

Trevor Hillman
P&T Builders

Fantastic response. I had a water pipe that blew up in the garden, and Neil was here in less than an hour and had it fixed in no time at all, well done.

Neil Benjamin
Freemans Bay

We had been suffering with no pressure in a shower for months. The building manager had told us the problem could not be fixed so we called Neil to put in a smaller shower head. In less than an hour our problem was completely fixed and we did not even have to change anything. Better than we could have hoped, thanks again

Andrew Mackay
Auckland CBD

Auckland Zoo chooses to use Star Trade Services because of the company's quick response time and their knowledgeable, skilled and friendly staff. Star Trade staff are always well presented, courteous and friendly with staff and visitors alike.

Andrew James
Assets & Projects Manager, Auckland Zoo

Star Trade Services has been helping us solve a large variety of works in our fitness centres for many years. Providing an effective and friendly service helps us to keep our business pushing forward with little disturbance to our customers. Dealing with Neil makes maintenance easy.

Toni Clough
Fitness Business Manager, Y Fitness, Albert Street

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