Hot water systems
Helping to lower power bills and create higher hot water pressure. There is a wonderful array of solutions for poor showers and conversion for high pressure. We can do a total range of repairs and renovation.

Circulation systems
Affordable outside ponds and fountains can be created with a smart filtering and circulation system. We can also help with your commercial circulation systems and provide a regular servicing of the system.

Sheet metal fabrication
If you have flashings that can be easily seen, or a difficult roofing protrusion that you do not want a roofing labourer to try and do Star Trade Services will give you the professional standard you should expect.

Water mains & meters
With fault finding equipment for leaking water mains, or metering a rental property we have the equipment to provide the best solution.

Kitchen Installations and Fridge Installations
Supply of water to fridge units in new and existing kitchens. Installation of new kitchens.

Plumbing design
Qualified to design plumbing systems in several different codes accepted in New Zealand, we can help out in often difficult jobs. In renovations that need something a little special we can design shower systems to love.

Rain water harvesting systems
With experience and very large complete commercial systems, a tank for the garden tap and everything in between we can make sure you are getting the best designed use of your rain water.

Tank design
In hard to reach places or spaces that seem unable to install holding tanks, and supplying a variety of effective repairs.

Pumps & chambers
Annual servicing of pumping chambers or design to meet Auckland City’s bylaws we can help with moving all fluids

Metal guttering
Fabrication and repair of guttering external and internal as well as installation of standard guttering.

PVC spouting
We install and repair all PVC spouting, and can provide plastic rainheads and guttering for commercial sites.

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